A fast, simple way to send an airtime reload – with 0% fees

OKLink now supports real-time mobile airtime top-up to the Philippines for all partners in the first phase of a global rollout. Sending mobile airtime with OKLink is easy and economical, and all partners will enjoy completely free transfers until 30 September 2017.

Mobile transactions are fast becoming a key component in global cross-border payments. Recognizing the value of mobile airtime as a form of currency in emerging markets, we partnered with the best mobile remittance companies around the world as part of our efforts to build a network infrastructure that allows people to send and receive money easily, in the payout format of their choice.

Partners on the OKLink network can now offer their customers the option to send airtime instantly to prepaid phones of their friends and relatives in the Philippines. Accessible on a computer, smartphone or tablet, OKLink currently supports some of the biggest mobile operators in the country including Cignal, Globe Telecom Philippines, Smartbro, Smartgold, and Sun Philippines.


Here is a step-by-step guide to get your started:

Sending with OKLink is fast, reliable and convenient – and we hope it will help your customers become more connected with their loved ones back home. Start using it today or send us a message at partner@oklink.com if you have any questions.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority adds OKLink to its regulatory sandbox

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), one of the UK’s top finance regulators, yesterday provided an update on its regulatory sandbox and unveiled the list of firms that were successful in their applications to begin testing in the second cohort of its regulatory sandbox.

OKLink is accepted along with 24 other firms, of which nine are blockchain-related.

The regulatory sandbox allows businesses to test innovative products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms in a live environment while ensuring that consumers are appropriately protected. It is part of Innovate, an initiative kicked off in 2014 to promote competition in the interest of consumers.

Tim Byun, Chief Risk Officer and Head of Government Relations says, “We applaud the FCA’s vision and leadership in allowing companies to trial new emerging technologies by introducing a financial regulation test bed system. This is a major development for OKLink and it puts our company in a better position as a new player in the market. OKLink endeavors to provide U.K. consumers superior money remittance with speed, reliability and competitive costs through our innovative technology and services.”

Send to Australia for only 0.1%!

From now until 30 September 2017, enjoy as low as 0.1% fee for transfers to Australia of up to $100,000USD per month!

Whether you are a new or an existing user of OKLink, experience the speed and ease of transferring cross-border from your home country to Australia.

See more information at oklink.com/pricing. If you have any questions, please contact us at partner@oklink.com.

OKLink Partners – How to earn bitcoins

Every week bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are breaking records and setting new all-time highs. In fact, yesterday marked the first time in history when the total market cap of digital currency exceeded the US$100 billion mark.

Getting more bitcoins is easy. Just join OKLink as a payout partner, process cross border payments from all over the world, and receive Bitcoin in real time for every payout you process.

Register now or contact us at partner@oklink.com to request a trial account.


Brazil: Now live on OKLink!

Within two working day, OKLink users can now transfer up to BRL 30,000 to bank accounts via our payout partners in Brazil for a total delivery fee as low as 1%, calculated at the mid-market exchange rate with no hidden charges.

Using OKLink, licensed money remitters and other businesses can allow customers to send money to Brazil much quicker and at a rate cheaper than incumbents like Transferwise.

If you already have an account with us, simply log on the web version and start sending. The API version will be integrated shortly.

Here are more details on sending to Brazil with OKLink:

Payouts are currently available at 9 major banks, including:


Try out OKLink by signing up for your trial account. Alternatively if you would like to try the OKLink API, contact us at partner@oklink.com and we’ll get you ready to go with a trial account for the API.

Send FREE to Nepal!

Nepal drawing oklink

Transfers to Nepal are now FREE of charge!

All users are now able to leverage the OKLink platform to easily transfer their own local currency into Nepalese Rupee, and payout at 118 banks. Users can also transfer directly from different accounts, including but not limited to mobile wallet or bank accounts.

Following the high usage of the free transfer corridor to Singapore, more partners have joined our network. With more new partners, we can in turn offer better ease of use, at better prices as we bring more businesses around the world to your fingertips.

Send free to Nepal here today! If you have any questions, please contact us at partner@oklink.com.

Take a Look Inside OKLink’s New Hong Kong Office!

Exciting things are happening at OKLink! We are glad to announce the opening of our new office at the heart of Hong Kong. Our new 3,500 sq. ft. space in Causeway Bay includes room for 45 people, with fantastic views of the city.

In the last few months alone, our team has more than doubled in size. We now have 18 full time employees in Hong Kong working on business development, strategy, compliance, marketing and operations, and a dedicated team in Beijing focused on technology, product and design. You can read about our outstanding team here, and apply if you’re interested in joining us.

With five times the space of our old office, the new office reflects OKLink’s commitment to drive future growth and to fulfill our vision to make cross-border payments as seamless and inclusive as sending a text message abroad. We are bracing for aggressive growth of our business and team.

Designed to complement the panoramic views of the harbor and let in vast amount of daylight, the office includes open plan seating, collaborative break-out areas, and a few modern wood and glass meeting rooms that oversee the bustling city. We also have a fabulous snack corner and a full fledged espresso machine for the coffee addicts in the team.

OKLink office

We will soon be hosting some drinks and events for clients and friends in the new space! Take a first look:

OKLink New Hong Kong Office Info

Phone number: (852) 3758 2732
Address: Unit 2101-02, Sino Plaza, 255-257 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

Contact us at support@oklink.com if you have any questions.
Best, Team OKLink

OKLink announces incentive guarantee for MSO-licensed partners in 10 countries

We bear good news!

Starting today, OKLink will provide a minimum income guarantee for newly joined licensed partners in select countries. We are looking for individuals, remittance shops, cash outlets, mobile wallets, e-commerce platforms, local banks, multinational companies and other, who satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Licensed MSO (Money Services Operator) business in respective country
  2. Able to receive and send local currency to local bank accounts
  3. Able to process transactions within one business day

Once signed up with us, qualified businesses will instantly be connected to 100+ partners in 40 countries globally. Partners can earn money by processing each cross-border transaction order – either by collecting local currency from or paying out to local customers. OKLink will guarantee a minimum volume of transaction flow each month, in turn underwrite up to US$3,000 extra income for each qualified new partner.

Interested in joining and adding revenue stream to your business? All you have to do is connect the world to your country!

Join today




If there are any questions, please contact us at partner@oklink.com.


OKLink has been using blockchain to connect and empower companies all over the world, big and small, to create an open infrastructure for cross-border payments. Since our platform went live in August 2016, transaction volumes have at least doubled every month, and we need reliable partners all across the world to facilitate the fastest cross-border money transfer services in multiple payout formats, and create a top-notch user experience for end users sending money back home.

Read on to see what we do before launching every corridor.

Send FREE to Singapore through OKLink!


As our network expands and more transfers are being made out from Singapore, our transfer partners in Singapore have given us the confidence to lower the transfer rates to 0% to offset the demand for OK Dollars.

That means you, as a new or existing user of OKLink, get to send to Singapore for FREE for all of 2017*! Transfers can be up to $100,000USD per month.

What are you waiting for? Start your transfer now!

*Due to overwhelming popularity, this promotion has ended as of 15 July 2017. 

Nepal: OKLink launches same-day delivery to 118 banks

It’s official – Nepal is here.

nepal-remittance-infographicAll 100+ partners on our network can now transfer up to US$10,000 to 118 banks in Nepal for a total delivery fee of 0.6% + 25.0 NPR, calculated at the mid-market exchange rate with no hidden charges.

Overseas remittances to Nepal make up a key part of the country’s economy, equivalent to a staggering 31.8 percent of gross domestic product according to 2015 data from the World Bank.

Using OKLink, independent transfer companies including mobile wallets can allow customers to send money to Nepal much quicker and at a rate much cheaper than other options available in the market today.

Here are more details on sending to Nepal with OKLink:


Payouts are currently available at 118 banks, including:

agriculture_development_bank_limited      himalbank      nebil-bank

nepal-bank      siddhartha-bank      standard-chartered