OKLink expands to South America

South America

We are excited to announce our expansion to South America. Using OKLink, businesses can now send money to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru at a greater speed and lower cost than any other alternative.

Thanks to our strong local partners in the region, sending money to and from these countries is available for both C2C and B2B transactions.

The total payout fees are calculated at a mid-market rate with no hidden charges. Payout fee for Argentina and Chile is 0.85%, Peru 0.6%, and Brazil 1%.

Supported banks include:

Argentina: Banco Columbia, Banco Comafi, Banco Credicoop, Banco Galicia, Banco Hipotecario, Banco Industrial, Banco Macro, Banco Naciоn, Banco Patagonia, Banco Provincia, Banco Santander Rio, Banco Supervielle, BBVA Banco Frances

Brazil: Itaú, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Santander, Caixa Econômica Federal, Sicoob, Intermedium, Neon, Ecobank

Peru: BBVA Continental, Banco de Crédito – BCP, Interbank, Scotiabank

Chile: Santander-Chile, Banco de Chile, Banco Estado, Banco de Crédito e Inversiones (BCI), Banco Itaú Chile, BBVA, Scotiabank Chile

Stay tuned for more corridor updates to follow soon.

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