Features Highlight: Automated Compliance Checks

As part of the OKLink stance of being the fastest, cheapest and easiest cross-border settlement network, we have a rigorous background check on all joining companies to ensure we work with compliant businesses that match our AML/ATF/Sanctions Program. Similar to the industry we are trying to modernize however, much of the compliance process is outdated and tedious, with compliance checks often taking so long that the customer forgets or worse, gives up registration. Frankly, we think this delay is counter-intuitive in the onboarding process – we want everyone to be able to have the OKLink experience without barrier.

So we sought to change how things are done. Using machine learning, we automated our onboarding process so that businesses can use OKLink immediately for small transfers without any sacrifice to our compliance standards. The change in pace has allowed companies to connect to other countries and start expanding their own businesses on a global scale with immediacy, while we can continue to uphold our company compliance standards. This reduces friction and improves user experience overall.

We hope this update has provided you with insight on our dedication to our goal of being the best cross-border settlement network. If you have yet to create an OKLink account, sign up here.

PS: Reading this blog and feeling like playing around with all our functions and corridors without affecting your actual business? Then play in the OKLink Sandbox with no repercussions – find out more here.

more network.png

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