Nepal: OKLink launches same-day delivery to 118 banks

It’s official – Nepal is here.

nepal-remittance-infographicAll 100+ partners on our network can now transfer up to US$10,000 to 118 banks in Nepal for a total delivery fee of 0.6% + 25.0 NPR, calculated at the mid-market exchange rate with no hidden charges.

Overseas remittances to Nepal make up a key part of the country’s economy, equivalent to a staggering 31.8 percent of gross domestic product according to 2015 data from the World Bank.

Using OKLink, independent transfer companies including mobile wallets can allow customers to send money to Nepal much quicker and at a rate much cheaper than other options available in the market today.

Here are more details on sending to Nepal with OKLink:


Payouts are currently available at 118 banks, including:

agriculture_development_bank_limited      himalbank      nebil-bank

nepal-bank      siddhartha-bank      standard-chartered




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