Canada: OKLink launches same-day delivery to all banks and credit unions

Within one working day, OKLink partners can now transfer up to US$ 10,000 to a bank or credit union account via our delivery partners in Canada for a total delivery fee of 0.5%, calculated at the mid-market exchange rate with no hidden charges.

canada-payoutsWhether you’re a multinational company, e-commerce merchant, or a transfer company serving expats sending money back home, OKLink lets you and your customers make transactions near real time to any bank and credit union account in Canada at a rate significantly lower than incumbents.

Here are more details on sending to Canada with OKLink:


Payouts are currently available at 24 banks and credit unions in Canada, including:

td-bank      BMO_Sponsorship_2RB      rbc-use      cibc      scotiabank      national-bank-of-canada

From now until 31 March 2017, OKLink is subsidizing all fees on the first US$100,000 of cross-border transfers for every partner on the OKLink network.

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