OKLink has just become the best way to transfer money to Korea

Today, we’re launching real-time transfers to South Korea.

s-korea-remittanceIt is as fair and secure as ever, with a total delivery fee of only 0.5% for any transactions up to USD 10,000. Whether you’re a payroll company or a transfer company serving inbound settlement needs like tuition fees, e-commerce payments, or foreign worker remittances, OKLink lets you and your customers send money real-time to any Korean bank account at a rate significantly lower than incumbents.

From now until 31 March 2017, OKLink is subsidizing all fees on the first US$100,000 of cross-border transfers for every partner on the OKLink network.

Our major payout partners in Korea include leading fintech company Bluepan, which has processed more than USD 40 million in remittance to Korea since May 2015. The partnership opens a corridor that many transfer companies currently do not support, allowing all 100+ partners on the OKLink network to let end customers send KRW directly to any bank account in Korea.

%eb%b8%94%eb%a3%a8%ed%8c%ac_%ec%9b%90%eb%b3%b8-1SangHyun Lee, CEO of Bluepan, said, “ We are very excited and pleased to work with OK Link as a Korea payout service company. Bluepan can provide OK Link’s partner companies with remittance services leveraging our industry-leading blockchain technology. This is is a great opportunity for us to grow together with OK Link’s partner companies.”

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about payments to South Korea.

Payouts are currently available at 52 banks in Korea, including:

kb-logo       hanabank      citi  woori_financial_group      shinhan-bank

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