A network built on trust: What we do before launching every corridor

As we work hard to strike down fees and make transactions real time for small value transfers, we understand that trust and security is vital to our users. What we want to achieve at OKLink is only possible when our partners trust the OKLink network and feel safe. As a result safety is our first priority – here are a few things we do before the launch of every corridor.

Thorough due diligence on delivery partners

All our partners must be licensed and compliant to standards from local and international remittance regimes. Before signing on a new delivery partner, we ask for complete company documentation, visit them on-site and perform strict due diligence to understand their business, activities, transaction patterns and how they operate.

Stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards

All partners must pass our stringent KYC / AML procedures designed to replicate international best-practice standards. After the initial onboarding, we perform risk assessment on partners at various times throughout the relationship.

Ensuring a reliable payout network

OKLink works with a minimum of 3 partners in each country to ensure there are always alternative routes to get payout. We park funds at delivery options to make sure they are always pre-funded, and we test more than 1000 real transactions before launching a new corridor. We ask each of our delivery company to assign a dedicated staff locally whose job is to liaise with OKLink.

Money back guarantee

In the unlikely occurrence of delivery companies failing to deliver fiat currency to recipients, we offer partner transfer companies a guarantee for losses up to 200,000 USD per company.

We are here to help

Connect with our world-class customer support team at OKLink anytime when you need us. We are available round the clock via phone and email.

These are just a few things that we are currently doing – we are constantly rethinking our approach as we learn from the community what works best. Contact us to find out more or if you are interested in becoming a partner.

OKLink currently offers payouts in fifteen countries across Asia, the Americas and Africa.

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