Features Highlight: Automated Compliance Checks

As part of the OKLink stance of being the fastest, cheapest and easiest cross-border settlement network, we have a rigorous background check on all joining companies to ensure we work with compliant businesses that match our AML/ATF/Sanctions Program. Similar to the industry we are trying to modernize however, much of the compliance process is outdated and tedious, with compliance checks often taking so long that the customer forgets or worse, gives up registration. Frankly, we think this delay is counter-intuitive in the onboarding process – we want everyone to be able to have the OKLink experience without barrier.

So we sought to change how things are done. Using machine learning, we automated our onboarding process so that businesses can use OKLink immediately for small transfers without any sacrifice to our compliance standards. The change in pace has allowed companies to connect to other countries and start expanding their own businesses on a global scale with immediacy, while we can continue to uphold our company compliance standards. This reduces friction and improves user experience overall.

We hope this update has provided you with insight on our dedication to our goal of being the best cross-border settlement network. If you have yet to create an OKLink account, sign up here.

PS: Reading this blog and feeling like playing around with all our functions and corridors without affecting your actual business? Then play in the OKLink Sandbox with no repercussions – find out more here.

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Take a Look Inside OKLink’s New Hong Kong Office!

Exciting things are happening at OKLink! We are glad to announce the opening of our new office at the heart of Hong Kong. Our new 3,500 sq. ft. space in Causeway Bay includes room for 45 people, with fantastic views of the city.

In the last few months alone, our team has more than doubled in size. We now have 18 full time employees in Hong Kong working on business development, strategy, marketing, and operations, and a dedicated team in Beijing focused on product and design. You can read about our outstanding team here, and apply if you’re interested in joining us.

With five times the space of our old office, the new office reflects OKLink’s commitment to drive future growth and to fulfill our vision to make cross-border payments as seamless and inclusive as sending a text message abroad. We are bracing for aggressive growth of our business and team.

Designed to complement the panoramic views of the harbor and let in vast amount of daylight, the office includes open plan seating, collaborative break-out areas, and a few modern wood and glass meeting rooms that oversee the bustling city. We also have a fabulous snack corner and a full fledged espresso machine for the coffee addicts in the team.

OKLink office

We will soon be hosting some drinks and events for clients and friends in the new space! Take a first look:

OKLink New Hong Kong Office Info

Phone number: (852) 3758 2732
Address: Unit 2101-02, Sino Plaza, 255-257 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay


Contact us at support@oklink.com if you have any questions.
Best, Team OKLink

Features Highlight: Introducing the OKLink Sandbox

Hi there,

We’re excited to introduce you to the OKLink Sandbox, a safe testing version of the OKLink platform for all customers to freely try our service without affecting your actual business.

test oklink.png

To help you thoroughly experience our transfer service with no boundaries, we’ve set up trial accounts with test OKDs – these test OKDs are purely for trial purposes and have no actual monetary value. Whether you are a new or experienced user of OKLink, we believe there is always something new to be discovered on our platform.

Try out the OKLink Sandbox by contacting us at partner@oklink.com for your trial account. Alternatively if you would like to try the OKLink Sandbox API, contact us at api@oklink.com and we’ll get you ready to go with a trial account for the API.

Happy testing,

OKLink announces incentive guarantee for local companies processing cross-border payouts

We bear good news!

Starting today, OKLink will provide a minimum income guarantee for newly joined delivery partners in select countries. We are looking for individuals, remittance shops, cash outlets, mobile wallets, e-commerce platforms, local banks, multinational companies and other, who satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Licensed MSO (Money Services Operator) business in respective country
  2. Able to payout in local currency to bank accounts
  3. Able to payout within one business day

Once signed up with us, qualified businesses will instantly be connected to 100+ partners in 40 countries globally, and earn on every transaction. OKLink will guarantee a minimum volume of cross-border transaction flow each month, in turn underwrite up to US$3,000 extra income for each qualified new partner.

Interested in joining and adding revenue stream to your business? All you have to do is connect the world to your country!

Join today




If there are any questions, please contact us at partner@oklink.com.



OKLink has been using blockchain to connect and empower companies all over the world, big and small, to create an open infrastructure for cross-border payments. Since our platform went live in August 2016, transaction volumes have at least doubled every month, and we need reliable partners all across the world to facilitate the fastest cross-border money transfer services in multiple payout formats, and create a top-notch user experience for end users sending money back home.

Read on to see what we do before launching every corridor.

Feature Highlight: Keeping Track of Your OKD Balance

OKLink uses OKD as a USD-backed digital token to enable cross-border transfers to move seamlessly on our platform. Sometimes, just like with actual money, it becomes hard to keep track how much OKD you still have in your account.

We’ve built a function in your Account Settings so that you can enable a reminder notification from us whenever your OKD balance dips below a certain amount. Here’s how to use this tool:

How to Enable OKD Notifications from OKLink:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. From the top right dropdown menu, select Account Settings.
  3. Scroll down until you reach OKD Balance Warning.

In your account, you can set a notification amount – think of this as your baseline amount of OKDs. Once your total amount drops below this number, we will automatically send you a notification to remind you to top up your account.


This way, you will not run into the danger of not having enough OKDs before your next transfer (and thus delaying any further transactions!)

How to Disable OKD Notifications:

We know, getting system notifications can seem like we’re nagging you (we’re not). But if you’d prefer not having messages from us about your OKD amount balance, feel free to toggle this function off on the Account Settings page.


As always, if there are any questions, please do ask us at support@oklink.com!

Team OKLink

Send FREE to Singapore through OKLink!


As our network expands and more transfers are being made out from Singapore, our transfer partners in Singapore have given us the confidence to lower the transfer rates to 0% to offset the demand for OK Dollars.

That means you, as a new or existing user of OKLink, get to send to Singapore for FREE for all of 2017! Transfers can be up to $100,000USD per month.

What are you waiting for? Start your transfer now!